Landlord Guide

Accurate valuation

The achievable rental value of your property is determined by many factors including location and number of bedrooms, amenities, the cosmetic appearance and overall condition of the property. EFPG Estate Agents will advise you on a realistic rental value taking into all these factors into consideration together with current market rental levels.

Consider Property Management

Looking after a rented property can be easy when you have responsible tenants. However, if anything does go wrong, from a boiler breaking down to a tenant losing their job it can get very stressful. There is a mountain of legal obligations, with seemingly more forms to complete every day. Let us take the strain and manage your property for you. We can ensure that you’re protected in every way and we’ll work hard to make sure you’re not out of pocket financially. We’re proud of our knowledge of the industry and will always act in your best interests at all times.

Preparing your property for tenancy

Decide whether to let your property furnished or unfurnished. Furnished properties will give a better visual impression to the prospective tenants on how the property will look, making it more likely to rent quicker. If the quality of the furniture warrants it, you can charge a premium rental price than if it was unfurnished. However, the down side is that offering the property furnished will increase costs over time as wear and tear necessitate replacing the furniture.

Flexibility is key as this will broaden the appeal of the property to prospective tenants as individual requirements vary. Anything surplus to requirements should be removed and placed into storage if need be.

Marketing your property

EFPG Estate Agents vigorously market all our available stock across a wide variety of mediums including our Facebook page and other social media property websites.

We display properties on this website as well as with in our shop window. Your property will receive maximum exposure using a combination of these methods backed up by contact with pre-vetted potential tenants from our database. We aim to avoid void periods and to maximise the return on your investment.

Receiving an offer

Once we receive an offer, we will relay that information to you, together with detailed information on the potential tenants. We check their situation, employment status, who is intending to move in, and how long they are looking to rent for. As the Landlord, you have the final say as to whether you wish to proceed and accept their offer. If not, viewings will continue until a suitable tenant is found.

Offer agreed

At this point, we will ask for a holding deposit from the applicants and ask them to visit the office with their ID or passport which will be checked and copied. We will also commence the referencing process. During this time, viewings are suspended until all checks have been completed to everybody’s satisfaction. If the deal falls through at any point, we will re-commence viewings immediately.

References checked

All tenants will undergo thorough background checks. Their identity is also verified as is their right to live and work in Gibraltar we can create a very good picture on their suitability as a tenant for your property.

Move In Monies taken and agreement signed

Once all referencing is completed and deemed satisfactory, we then ask the tenants to pay their first months rent and security deposit which usually equates to one months rent.

Upon receipt of cleared funds, we will arrange for the tenancy agreement to be drawn up and signed by all parties.

Move In Date

If an inventory was taken we will meet the tenant at the property to conduct the check in process and the inventory will be signed by the tenant. Keys to the property will be photocopied and handed over to the tenant. If the property is managed we will also retain a set of keys at our offices.